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Yamaha YPG 635 Review 04/12/10

You’ll be playing the Yamaha YPG635 in under 3 minutes from the moment you open the box.

You’ll be playing the Yamaha YPG635 in under 3 minutes from the moment you open the box, set it up, turn it on and click to the built in 6-track sequencer with pre-recorded songs. Tickle those ivory’s and experience a well designed keyboard that has the power of a full band at your finger tips.

INSTRUMENTS. Just imagine a keyboard designed to give you a great selection of authentic sounding instruments so convincingly real you’ll have a hard time keeping away from this keyboard. The more you play the more you’ll have a hard time of letting it go.

PLEASE YOUR CREATIVE SIDE. This is one of the best electronic pianos in this range. The weighted keys make all the difference, especially to those of you who are used to playing classical music. With an amazing 130 instruments, 360 XG voices and 12 drum kits to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas for playing songs that will make you sound great

LCD DISPLAY. The YPG 625 also has a LCD display, it is used for the display of the lyrics as well as the notations and the LCD even comes with a backlight. It comes with the style of Yamaha and has a voice technology. It can be connected to other USB storage devices as it has USB connectivity.

SONGS. The songs which you compose are stored in the YPG 625 and the screen displays the lyrics of those songs which are XF compatible. This keyboard has as many as 30 built in songs and there are even 70 more songs in the CD-ROM, this is the education suite that is provided with this keyboard. It also comes with a wooden stand which will help you to place the keyboard at the right height.

BENEFITS. Keyboard and Product of the Year (Music & Sound Retailer)

GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action keyboard w/88 keys — giving you greater control of how your music sounds

Includes stand, sustain pedal, power adaptor, music rest

503 XGlite/GM voices including a “Live” stereo grand piano sample – giving you infinite possibilities of how you want your music to sound

Full arranger capabilities with 160+ styles and a performance assistant packs powerful accompaniment — like having an extra pair of hands playing along with you to give your song a rich and complete sound

16  track sequencer  for recording with 30 internal songs built in that will get you instantly playing along with these favourite songs

Yamaha Education Suite w/interactive lessons for keyboards skill development

Large blue backlit display with Score and Lyric display – read music with ease – no more struggling to try to read a screen that’s just too small

USB TO DEVICE: connect optional USB storage devices (for jump drives,..)- safely store your music on a portable device and take it with you as a back up

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 55.9″ x 18.3″ x 6.1″.• Weight with keyboard stand: 39 lbs. 6 oz – travel ready

Refined piano touch means you’re always in control of each note – make your song sound the way you want it to.

Portable so you can take it anywhere you want – take it to the camp, cottage — you’ll never bet without your keyboard.

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